Physical Education

Interschool Cross Country 2017

Interschool Cross Country

The Interschool Cross Country event took place in week 4, Thursday 10th August. Students had trained hard at school in the lead up, as well as more than 20 kids turning up to two extra training sessions that took place at the Cross Country site on Sunday mornings. This commitment and dedication to be their best was a fantastic indication of how well we would perform at this carnival.

Things got off to a great start in the Year 3 girls race, With Josephine G winning the race, despite only being a year 2. Breeahn H finished 4th and Lily D came in 7th – a fantastic result for this age group.

The year 4 category was also a strong showing, with Eric M leading for most of the race, even after briefly going the wrong way, but unfortunately was pipped by a centimetre on the line. Vanden H came 4th and Josh V finished in 9th. In the girls, Kaylee ran a very strong race and finished 3rd.

The ultra competitive year 5 boys didn’t let us down, with all boys running blistering times. Noah S took out 3rd, Austin C 5th, Tyler G 7th and Luke H 8th – what an incredible effort.

The year 6 categories also saw some great racing, with Akin putting in a fantastic effort to finish 2nd. In the girls race, Elise was motoring along to come 2nd and Malin finished 8th.

Overall, Lathlain finished in 3rd position – our best overall effort ever. A massive congratulations to each and every student who represented the school so proudly and competed fiercely. Well done!

Below are the overall points position from the carnival.

6th= Bentley 289 points

5th= East Vic Park 486 points

4th = Victoria Park 648 points

3rd = Lathlain 673 points

2nd = Millen 694 points

1st = Kensington 915 points


Mr Baker


Cross Country

Lathlain Primary’s annual cross country event took place on Thursday 29th June after having to be postponed a week earlier due to bad weather. Conditions couldn’t have been better for racing on the amended date though with students being met with beautiful blue skies and a dry surface to run on. 

The year 5 girls kicked off proceedings with one of the races of the day as Kahlen heading out strong from the very start and it took Eva all of the 1.7 kilometres to reel her back. In the end, nothing separated the two girls at the finish and both were declared champion, only the second time this has happened in cross country history. The year 5 boys race is always a hot contest and this year we had a new champion, with Noah leading from start to finish with a very strong performance. Close behind and pushing Noah the whole race were Austin and Luke, while Tyler finished in 4th position running with a cast on his arm which was also an impressive performance.  

The year 6’s were next up and Elise blitzed the field to be a clear winner, with Malin coming in second after a strong build up to the race through running club. In the boys race, Akin put in a strong performance to win with Oscar coming through close behind in second position. 

After a quick recess break, the year 3 girls were our next race. This race featured Josephine, who is a year 2 student, however was competing to gain a place at the interschool event which is a year 3 and under race. Josephine and Lily raced at a very fast pace the entire race to be the clear top two on their arrival back at the finish. At LPS, our champion must be a year 3 student, so Lily was crowned our champion, however both girls get to represent the school at interschool. In the boys race, it was a very tight contest, with Logan being crowned our champion, while Oliver and Kinglsey couldn’t be separated and were both awarded the runner up position. 

Our last race of the day saw the year 4’s finish what was a great day of racing. Despite a time delay at Mr Baker’s expense, Kaylee couldn’t be deterred and ran strongly to win the girls event. Frederique and Charlotte were close behind. In the boys, it was 2 years in a row for our champion Eric, as well as for our runner up Vanden who both ran great races. 

The scores of the day have been tallied and the winning faction will be announced at the assembly in week 3 of next term, along with presentations to our top 3 runners in each division. We invite parents to attend and help celebrate the achievements of our runners. 

A massive thank you to the large number of parents who volunteered their time to help out on the day. Many of these people had also made themselves available the week before as well, so it was very kind of you all to back it up again on our reserve date. We are so lucky to have so many people willing to help out to ensure events such as these are a success. 

The interschool event will take place in week 4 of next term on Thursday the 10th of August. Keep working hard over the holidays to ensure you can do your best at our next competition. 

Mr Baker 

Molly (3rd) Breeahn (2nd) Josephine (year two 1st) Lily (1st)

Oliver (= 2nd) Logan (1st) Kingsley (= 2nd)


Frederique (2nd) Kaylee (1st) Charlotte (3rd)


Josh (3rd) Eric (1st) Vanden (2nd)


Holly (3rd) Eva (= 1st) Kahlen (= 1st)


Luke (3rd) Noah (1st) Austin (2nd)


Malin (2nd) Elise (1st) Sylvia (3rd)


Tyler (3rd) Akin (1st) Oscar (2nd)

Perth Wildcats Visit

On Monday, 26th June, Lathlain students from room 18 and 19 were lucky enough to have a visit from Perth Wildcat Corban Wroe. Corban took the students through a number of different basketball activities to test their concentration, dribbling and shooting ability. Akin showed off some impressive shooting skills to beat Greta in the Basketball Bump – perhaps we’ll see him in the red and black in years to come! 

A massive thank you to Youngs Holden in Victoria Park who made the Wildcats visit possible. The students really appreciated the opportunity and had heaps of fun with Corban exploring the great game of basketball.

Mr Baker


Corban testing the students concentration and catching.

Room 19

Seb catching over his head.

Room 18

Kids Marathon

The annual kids marathon took place on Sunday, 18th June, with about 35 students from LPS taking part in the event. 

This concept allows students to participate in a marathon by running 40 kilometres in the lead up to the marathon day, with students being able to use the distance they had run during running club or outside of school for this. Then, on Sunday, students took part in the final 2.2 kilometres along the South Perth foreshore. 

Some notable mentions go to Elise for being the first girl overall through the finish line and Austin and Luke being 4th and 5th overall at the finish. 

Thank you to Eddie, Bridie and Alyssa for keeping Mr Baker company during the run – it was hard to keep up with you guys! 

We were very lucky to have such great weather, which made the morning even more enjoyable. But for most, the best part seemed to be the sausage sizzle they got when they completed the race. 

Thank you to the WA Marathon Club for once again putting on this event, it is such a fantastic concept to encourage children to be fit and healthy and teach them the enjoyment that can be had by being active.

Mr Baker

Lathlain students very happy with their Sunday morning run.

Winter Carnival 2017

The much loved fixture on the school calendar, the Winter Carnival, took place on Thursday 15th June. Students had been training throughout the term for the event and were looking forward to representing the school after weeks of hard work. 

The Netball team tried hard all day, with their effort and positive attitude a highlight as they faced some very tough opposition. Miss Rockley praised the group’s commitment to work as a team as they came away with one win for the day. Some of the best players for the day included Charlize, Cheyenne, Elise, Greta and Oscar. 

The Soccer team impressed throughout their campaign, finishing with two wins for the day. Akin was impressive as captain and at times also the coach – well done! Some other great workers on the day were Xavier and Diego. 

The football team produced one of the modern day fairy tale stories. After being beaten by 15 goals the previous week by Kensington in a warm up game, the team was able to turn it around to beat them by 3 goals. They also won their first game despite being 2 players short. It all came down to the final game, with Lathlain winning by 2 points to go undefeated through their four games and claim the title. Mr Baker was very impressed with the team’s commitment to tackle and pressure the other team, along with the ability to dig deep when times were tough. Some of the better players included Maitland, Tyler, Fletcher, Josh and Heath; however, the title was undoubtedly a team effort. This was the first win for the footy team in 2 years, let alone 4 in a row – well done guys! 

The Basketball team worked hard all day, claiming one victory and developing their skill in every game they played. Mr V was extremely pleased with the group as they had dramatically improved over the past month. Some of the best effort on the day came from Noah, Caleb and Isabelle. 

The Hockey team were unplayable throughout the carnival, easily winning all games and coming away with an impressive aggregate of 48 goals scored and only 3 allowed in – what a super effort from the whole team. That makes it two shields in a row for the Hockey team, with Mr Kendrew telling Mrs Goss ‘hockey coaching is a pretty easy job’. Mr Kendrew would also like to add that the Ferrari’s are in the mail for his team – keep an eye out! Brandon K, Ben and Saya all worked really hard in all games to be great contributors on the day. 

Lathlain finished the day in 2nd place overall, our best ever result. This is great reward for all the hard work put in by students this term – congratulations. 

A massive thank you goes to all coaches for their commitment to their teams. It means a lot of extra work for our teachers, however, they always do it to ensure our students get to participate in such a fun day. As I continue to say – we are very lucky to have so many teachers willing to go the extra mile for our students to ensure they have a complete education. 

Mr Baker

The victorious footy team.

The back to back champion hockey team.

Freo Footy Skills 2017

Week 8 of Term 2 has seen over 50 students from year 5 and 6 participate in the Freo Footy Skills Program. This competition allows students to test their abilities in the Kwik Kick (most kicks with a partner in 3 minutes) and the Long Bomb (longest distance kick). 

The Kwik Kick event started off the Freo Footy Skills week, with students eager to impress with their kicking accuracy. The year 5 girls event saw a draw taking place between two groups, however on the re-run it was Anna and Karlyn taking out first place. The year 5 boys category was hotly contested with our largest contingent of competitors, but on completion of 3 minutes it was Ethan and Austin winning with a record 40 completed passes. Elise and Cheyenne were far too strong in the year 6 girls category, easily taking out first place. The boys category again saw a large number of participants with the result going down to the wire, but in the end it was the footy team veterans Fletcher and Tyler taking the win. 

The long bomb event followed over the next couple of days, which allowed a few of the super boots in the school to send a few balls out into the stratosphere. Payton kicked an impressive 18.65m to win the year 5 girls event, while Blake won the year 5 boys by just 10 centimetres with a kick of 25.82m. The favourite in the year 6 girls event didn’t disappoint, with Celeste kicking 23.86m to easily claim victory. The year 6 boys competition was a wide open race, with Jake kicking a huge 30.79m torpedo that couldn’t be beaten. 

Well done to all who competed, it was fantastic to see so many people willing to have a go and do their best. 

Congratulations to all winners who have booked their ticket to the State Semi Final at Fremantle Oval in the holidays. Good luck!

Mr Baker

Kwik Kick Winners

Long Bomb Winners

Swimming Carnival 2017

Swimming Carnival

On Thursday, the 23rd of April, Lathlain Primary School held its annual Year 4 - 6 Faction Swimming Carnival. After already re-scheduling once due to bad weather, we were greeted with overcast conditions which had Mr Baker very nervous; however, we got through the day with only one brief shower.

Students competed in 25m breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke and the year 5 and 6 students also got to test themselves in a 50m freestyle race. Through the course of the day students also got to compete in a number of different fun relay events which tested their abilities in pool noodle, boogie board, gym ball and t-shirt races.

There were some fantastic efforts across the day, such as Eric M setting a blistering time in the 25m freestyle race, Celeste B winning her third consecutive champion girl medallion and the year 6 Cowan performances in the team games. But what impressed teachers and parents the most was the fantastic sportsmanship throughout the day, especially after completing races.

All competitors tried their very best for their faction, however Cowan were far too strong, leading all day to win the shield quite comfortably in the end. Cowan Faction Captain Akin, along with Faction Assistant Elise, made a great speech thanking teachers, parents and fellow students for a fantastic day.












A number of parents gave up their time to help set up in the morning, time races through the day and pack away bays at the completion of the carnival – I sincerely thank you for your support in making this carnival such a success. I also thank the huge number of parents who attended the carnival to support their children which made for a great atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Congratulations to the following students who won individual medals on the day.



Runner Up

Year 4 Girls

Kate P

Isabella R

Year 4 Boys

Eric M

Lincoln K

Year 5 Girls

Charlize S

Saya L

Year 5 Boys

Flynn C

Blake M

Year 6 Girls

Celeste B

Bethany T

Year 6 Boys

Fletcher B

Tyler M


Mr Baker


Teacher vs Student Handball

Terrific Teachers Triumph Again

The annual Staff vs Students Handball match took place on the last day of school, with some fierce competition on display. The Handball match has become a tradition at Lathlain Primary School and is always an event that both Teachers and Students look forward to.

A scare was sent through the Teachers camp before the match had started, with Miss Rockley being a late withdrawal due to a suspected broken toe. The injury was sustained at the Year 6 day out at Bounce a day earlier, and the fact can’t be overlooked that it was a deliberate act by the students to gain an edge.

The Students team, selected through a peer voting system, consisted of Solly, Liam, Ava, Tejas M, Will, Rachel, Isabella D, Daniel P, Maddy and Alicia and were giving themselves every chance of causing a major upset in the lead up to the game. They were much fitter and had plenty of match experience, proving they would be a worthy opponent.

The Teachers team, made up of anyone who wasn’t currently carrying an injury, were Mr Baker, Mr Kendrew, Mrs Milford, Mrs Rose, Mrs Duley and were joined by 3 Teachers on debut – Mr V, Mrs Yavuz and Miss Robinson. The Teachers were highly under done, having not played since the corresponding game last year, however, did carry the intimidation factor in having never lost a game.

The match started at a ferocious pace, under the watchful eyes of umpires Daniel J and Owen, with the first two goals being scored by the Students. The Teachers team was under pressure and were showing that their lack of match practice was going to be an issue. However, they were inspired by Mrs Rose’s commitment to the defensive end and rallied to lead 3-2 by quarter time.

Solly and Maddy did an incredible job in goal for the students, however they were no match for the offensive pressure put on by Mr Kendrew, Miss Robinson, Miss Yavuz and Mr V, who scored a hat trick in the 3rd quarter. The final score saw the Teachers win 14 – 7.

Congratulations to the students who made the team and well done for being good sports. Perhaps we can have a re-match when the time capsule comes up in 25 years time? Luckily the last day is a pupil free day, as all teachers will be walking around with ice bags attached to their bodies. They will now hibernate for another year before they are challenged again.

Good luck to the year 6’s as they move onto High School. The LPS community will miss you, and we wish you every success for the future.

Mr Baker

Morning Running

On Thursday, 24th November, the Lathlain Running Club held a Sausage Sizzle to recognise the committed club members who had attended 30 sessions throughout the year. It was a fantastic achievement to reach attendance at 30 sessions and ensured all of these students were working towards being fit and active, which has so many benefits not only for their health, but also other areas including brain function – meaning more capable learners!

The students were treated to Mr Baker’s music, a game of dodge ball, sausages and a bottle of water. The amazing smell of the barbecue through the school will no doubt ensure more running club members achieve 30 sessions next year.

There were also 5 very special certificates handed out to the club’s top five runners of 2016. They were:





162 kms



142 kms



105 kms






98 kms


Congratulations to all students who came along and enjoyed the fun of running club in 2016. Mr Baker looks forward to this program continuing in 2017 and engaging even more people in morning running sessions.

 Thank you to Mr V and Mrs Winslade who helped cooked sausages on the day and ensured the event was a success.

A massive thank you to Mr Kendrew and Mrs Ionascu for their hard work throughout the year by helping out with the supervision of morning sessions. The school is lucky to have the support of such committed teachers that make Lathlain a great place to be, both in and out of school time.

Mr Baker

Summer Carnival 2016 November

On Thursday, November 17th, Lathlain had 58 students participate at the Summer Carnival. We had teams compete in Boys and Girls Cricket, Volleyball, Newcombe and Tee Ball.

Students were excited to finally get out and compete after training for the carnival at school for the past 2 months. Their skills were exceptional across all sports, competing hard and doing their best for Lathlain.

Highlights of the day included Will Turner scoring 39 runs off his 2 over innings in Boys Cricket, Celeste Brown hitting sixes in Girls Cricket  and Mr V being in charge of the Tee Ball results – I wont say any more!

Overall, Lathlain finished the day in 4th position which was a great result and one all students can be proud of.

A big thank you to Mr V, Mr Kendrew, Miss Rockley and Mrs Dellaposta for your help in coaching the teams and getting them ready for the day. An even bigger thank you to Stephen Daniels who took the time out of his busy schedule to coach the Girls Cricket team on the day and also to Carl Gosper who was our specialist Bowling Coach during training sessions – opposition batters didn’t stand a chance! 

Cross Country 2016 July

After a rain delay that pushed the cross country event back one day, students were met with good conditions to compete and test their endurance abilities.

The event took place for all year 3 to 6 students, with many training for weeks to ensure they were in peak condition for their race.

There were many amazing efforts on the day, and with our focus this year on ‘be your best’, I know there were many students right from the top place getters through to the latter places who achieved their best. For this, I congratulate you all.

It was a very tight contest for champion faction, with only 8 points separating 1st and 2nd. In the end, Forrest won their first sporting title since their introduction to the school in 2015 – well done!











Lastly, a massive thank you to all of the parents who volunteered their time to help on the day. We are very lucky to have so many fantastic parents willing to help. Without you, this event could not take place, so a sincere thank you from all at Lathlain.

The top 3 place getters from each race are as follows.



Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Breanne H

Eva P

Elise G

Amalina G


Kaylee S

Holly B

Malin B

Rachel S


Gurleen B

Anna P

Greta B

Brianna G



Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Eric M

Tyler G

Akin G

Toby F


Vanden H

Austin C

Oscar B

Will T


Liam F

Noah S

Byron O

Daniel P


Annual Kids Marathon 2016 June

The annual Kids Marathon was held on Sunday the 12th June. 

The sun was out and students were met with perfect running conditions along the picturesque Burswood Foreshore. The event was the culmination of 8 weeks of hard work for our students, running at least 5 kilometres per week over that period. The final leg was 2.2 kilometres, which meant students had completed a full marathon over the course of the program - an amazing achievement!

Everyone enjoyed the run and pushed themselves to get to the finish line, and on completion, recieved a medal and breakfast. A special mention to Tyler G and Austin C who finished the event in 4th and 5th position respectively. The first girl from Lathlain to cross the finish line was Elise. Everyone completed the event.

Well done to all students for accomplishing such a great feat - it has shown commitment and dedication over a long period and I am extremely impressed by each and every one of you. Lathlain Primary had 64 students registered for the event, the most from any school in the state - well done!

A massive thank you to Mrs Ionascu and Mr Kendrew who have facilitated running club sessions over the past term to help students get ready for race day. We are very lucky to have enthusiastic teachers willing to help our students achieve their best. 

Let's keep working towards a fitter, healthier Lathlain Primary School.

Mr Baker 


Winter Carnival 2016 June

The Winter Carnival was held on Tuesday 14th June at Kent Street Senior High School and Harold Rossiter Reserve. Lathlain had teams participating in Football, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer and Netball. This was the culmination of a term of training for our year 5 and 6 students and some year 4s. Students had fine-tuned their skills through Eagles Cup practice matches over the last few weeks and were raring to go for a big day of matches and fun.

 All teams competed really well on the day, showing great skill, but in particular, excellent sportsmanship – something Lathlain prides itself on.

 The Football team finished the day in 5th position, working tirelessly to continually compete and do their best. Special mentions go to Will T, who showed great courage and heart to play all day, Fletcher B and Maitland P. Mr Baker’s coaching position will be advertised, with Mrs Goss already stating her interest in the role. I feel a ‘Coach Carter 2’ movie coming on soon.

 The Hockey team starred all day and didn’t lose a match, winning 4 games and drawing the other. Their performance earned them the title of champion team, taking home a shield for the school – well done! Notable players on the day were Brianna G and Isabella D, with Brandon K top scoring.  Thank you to Mrs Goss for coaching the Hockey team and providing the players will skill and game development. It is wonderful to have parents willing to give up their time and take on a role like this – we really appreciate it!

 The Basketball team showed great character to finish in third position in their competition as they only had one substitute for the entire day. A very impressive effort! A big special mention to Christopher J who switched sports to help the basketball team out - what great commitment to helping his school out. Mr V stated the 3rd position was a whole team effort, well done guys.  

 The Soccer team worked hard all day against some very tough opposition to finish in fourth position. Despite receiving a few injuries, the team continually tried and did their best. Well done to Liam M and Daniel P who led the team all day.

 The Netball team overcame a shaky start to their day when their bibs went missing, however, the problem was rectified and the girls played some great netball over the course of the carnival. They continued to improve throughout the day, winning their final match to finish in 5th position. Mr Kendrew said after the game “The girls played so well day. But I am really concerned that there could be a bib thief in the community. Please be vigilant”. Some hard workers on the day included Ashton F, Caitlin S and Thalia B.

 Thank you to Mr V, Mr Kendrew, Mrs Messerschmidt, Miss Elliot, Miss Rockili and Miss Robinson for coaching teams on the day, as well as all of the effort you have put in during the term. The Lathlain sports program continues to grow with your hard work and assistance.

 Mr Baker

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